A Merry Old Inn

Greetings, fellow traveler!

I must confess, I’ve sprouted a bit of an obsession with the fantasy inn or tavern. Or pub. Or drinkery. Or alehouse.

It’s always been there in the back of my mind, the love for the pub, but it was only in 2020 that the taverno-philia lodged itself deep in my psyche. It went so deep that I made not one but two tabletop games about running an inn. Only one is published so far.

Why was that? The warm glow of light on the dark horizon; wooden fixtures seating patrons, theirs faces split into smiles; fine drink sloshed here and there like the good cheer permeating the room. These images we hold of the fantasy tavern are pure comfort. They are cozy, delightful, and safe. In a year spattered with rage and disease it makes sense that I would turn to such places and grow more and more fascinated by their ambience, charm, and history.

The Easterly Inn from The One Ring Roleplaying Game

So this blog will serve as receptacle for my wandering through fantasy lands and thoughts about the tavern. That means short columns on tabletop games featuring inns; slices of fiction centered on the tavern; video games that allow us to journey and arrive at our favorite homes-away-from home, or to run them ourselves! And don’t forget no tavern is complete without music (and sometimes videos) that let us immerse ourselves in a snug faraway.

It’s about cozy gaming, and I hope these little articles can help to create such a feeling.

The majority of posts here will be brief game reviews focused on how well a game treats the inn or tavern concept. Does running or visiting a tavern in such a game “feel” right? One can also expect hard looks at the aesthetic and design of taverns given to us in those prominent games not entirely about running one, along with the ability of the piece in question to allow us to interact with the space and immerse ourselves. Are they just pretty to look at, or is there more to it?

Tavern Hunter will also feature the occasional live stream, essays on what makes a good tavern, the history of fictional taverns, and musings on their importance to our imaginative locales. It’s already spiraled out of control into a YouTube channel and a podcast!

So check back in soon, traveler! We’ll hunt for the perfect tavern together.

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