Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

Absolutely dominating the front page of last year was a striking book with a title apparently intended to pull in people just like me. That book is Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks, a truly fun and invigorating read from Loresmyth Games.

Remarkable Inns is a game and yet not a game. By way of intent, the book should be a supplement to whatever system you happen to be running at your table at the present moment. However, Remarkable Inns is far more than mere setting notes. Included within is a fair plethora of options that can be tacked on to your game, whether it’s a homebrewed concoction or more standard fare like Fate or D&D. Those options would be various ratings for your own inns (including things like influence and security), fun and simple tavern games, and random tables for creating your own inns and innkeepers. This last one is worth the cost of admission itself as one could spend many an hour whipping up randomized inns and have lots of fun doing it!

More important to the casual reader, perhaps, and why you should want this book, is because it is loaded with premade inns that absolutely delight. We have simple taverns of the traditional variety, desert hostels, and further on into floating establishments high in the sky, only accessible by magic. The random tables for drinks and food, not to mention the “signature” fare from the premade inns, are terribly inspiring.

If you’re looking to get lost for a little while, even if you’re not running a tabletop RPG right now, or you’re going hard in the paint for a LARP tavern, go get this thing today.

And be sure to check back soon! I’ve got an interview with Guillaume Tavernier, the amazing (and appropriately named) artist behind these taverns, coming up!

What do you think? What’s your favorite Inn or Tavern supplement?

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