Music By Which to Tavernate

Few things can settle us into the warm, tavern mood than the right music. There is an absolute trove of game soundtracks, independent songwriters and composers, folk tunes, and LARP bards out in the world and many of them can be found on YouTube. It is there, in the merry old land of the Lord Algorithm, that we will gather for an initial frolic into the world of medieval and fantasy tavern music.

I give you three chart-topping selections. Why three? For starters, they’re all over an hour long so that’ll keep you busy for the next leg of your journey, traveler!

This first choice is almost too obvious, but it’s also too good to ignore. “Celestial Draconis” has slapped together possibly the greatest combination of tavern themes from across the Tankard Kingdom. They’ve also properly credited each song and artist, which is admirable.

The group Eam Grimm has given us an epic hour-and-a-half of fantasy music and each piece is uniquely named for a fictitious inn. I love it. The only bother for those of you with a critical ear may be the fact that everything is very obviously done by synth, rather than live instruments. But if you’re not a stickler for that kind of thing this will be a wonderful soundtrack for your next gaming night, or cozy evening at home by the fire (who cares if it’s summer — not me).

Our final selection is a break from the classic tavern hits, of sorts. I think Kester has created an excellent gateway mix of sorts from the expected fantasy songs into something a bit more daring. We start with a punch right in the feels from Howard Shore’s legendary soundtrack (tell me you don’t tear up when you hear Gandalf humming) but then, with some excellent mixtape transitions, not unlike a DJ set, we’re off into a wide world of orchestral song and folk ballads.

Not all the tavern music I share here will be strictly lutes and pan pipes, so be prepared for more of this!

Bonus Track! Enjoy a little jig from Gaellic Storm.

Let’s hear some feedback. Which of these do you like most? What’s a song or album you love to set the tavernish mood?

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