Tavern Watch: The Wayfarer

Tavern Watch is an irregular series highlighting taverns in film.

Last year, Stormforged Studios released a short film called The Wayfarer as a proof-of-concept for their Kickstarter and subsequent series, entitled Tavern Brawl. It’s essentially an indie/fan film set in an original fantasy universe, and this little teaser looks surprisingly good!

Because let’s get real: small budget fantasy films don’t have the best track records. These types of fan projects teeter perilously between good, campy fun and the plain awful. Thankfully, if Wayfarer is any indication, this endeavor will be a great watch! It’s not clear if the final release will include the excellent animated illustrations, but they are a certified treat.

And, I mean, a film series called “Tavern Brawl”? It’s like a perfect fit! So expect more on this as it develops. According to the Stormforged website, they are slated to begin principal photography in September.

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