Robert Denton III talks Tiny Taverns

Almost coinciding with my own personal tavern revival was the Kickstarter campaign for the tabletop roleplaying game Tiny Taverns. I was just a little bit obsessed and followed the campaign closely. Once I had the lovely softcover in my hands I devoured it immediately. It’s a great read and great game to put on the table. Few other games have as in-depth with running your own tavern as this one.

The game’s creator, Robert Denton of Gallant Knight Games, sat down with me to talk, as we usually do, about his process and about what makes a fantasy tavern great.

You can follow more of Rob’s work on Twitter or Goodreads, and pick up a copy of Tiny Taverns on!

The video interview is embedded below and, as usual, you can listen anywhere on the Tavern Hunter podcast.

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