Skyrim: The Sleeping Giant Inn

Fill your cup to the brim! It’s time to head out into the land of Skyrim and enjoy some of the finer taverns in gaming.

Truth be told, I am a latecomer to Skyrim. More truth be told, I am a latecomer to most things. I knew Skyrim was important, as I was told so by the media and my friends, but I kept putting it off.

“When I have a better PC…”

“When I really have the time to sink my teeth in…”

So on and so forth.

At long last, I picked up The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch and subsequently wondered why I’d waited so long. I guess you could say I’m finally awake.

One reason it’s good to start today, I think, is that I am now in a headspace where I can actually relax and enjoy the world of Skyrim. Years past, I would have been too determined for my own good. Therefore, now is the right time to begin my merry crawl throughout the many taverns of Skyrim. Where to start, except at the beginning? We’re going to the Sleeping Giant.

One thing, among many, that the game does well is with pacing. After the dramatic introduction we’re thrust into the wide lands of Skyrim with a fantastic view of a valley below. In that valley is the little town of Riverrun and its namesake. Rocky, craggy mountain paths fade away as we approach the lovely green vale and the sound of running water fills our ears. Once we enter town we see small, thatched houses and then, gloriously, a tavern!

My first foray into my first inn in Skyrim was truly a delight. The lighting is warm against the earth tones of the structure and, best of all, Sven was there to pick up a merry tune. The magic of your initial time at a Skyrim tavern is thick. The magic will go away: many of the smaller inns and taverns are essentially the exact same model as Sleeping Giant; the nonsense of dated AI will become more apparent as pathing issues arise and NPCs smack into walls and jitter; the bard songs get repetitive.

It’s not that these things are bad or that the taverns of Skyrim or unenjoyable, it’s just to say that there is nothing like the spell cast by the earliest encounters of the game! Check out a quick video tour below.

Hop on over to the YouTube channel for a short tour of the place, and comment below!

What’s your favorite Skyrim tavern?

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