Talkin’ Tavs with Alexander Poysky

If you’re looking for lessons on how to run a game community, look no further than Alex P. From the getgo on the Travellers Rest Discord server, Alex was welcoming and helpful. So helpful in fact that he let me interview him via text He is the producer of Travellers Rest, along with quite a few other games. We talk taverns what makes this particular game unique. Enjoy!

What is your background in game design?

I’m a video game producer. I produced Regions of Ruin, Meeple Station, Between the Stars and Travellers Rest.

How did you come to work on Traveller’s Rest? What has your role been with this project?

I worked as the Senior Publishing Manager at Gamesplanet and we picked up Travellers Rest when it was a prototype under Louqou.

How has the transition been from Traverller’s Rest just being worked on by Louqou (and you) to Isolated Games?

The transition has been phenomenal, more people, a dedicated artist, a five man crew as opposed to a one man gig, things got a lot larger and it feels like a mid sized indie team now!

What do you think makes for a good tavern game?

I think a good tavern game needs an enticing hook, something that sinks in and lets you crunch hours into it for as long as you like. Games like Cook, Serve, Delicious do this well for example.

What does Traveller’s Rest do to strike the cozy tavern “feel” that other games maybe do not?

I believe the fact that it’s in a medieval fantasy setting is something many people enjoy to be honest, that and the beer crafting!

Are there any other tavern/inn games you’ve enjoyed before?

One of my all time favorite games is Stardew Valley, and while it isn’t an INN game, it does have many of the hallmarks of a great sim game. I played a few other titles but none have the charm that Stardew does!

Alex, thanks so much!

You can find out more about Alex by following him on Twitter.

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