Tavern Watch: The Red Lion

Tavern Watch is an irregular series showcasing taverns in film.

I debated whether or not to post this one, but in the end it’s too good to not share.

Obviously we Tavern Hunters are about the fantastical and fictional, but sometimes it’s good to recall that even in this odd and seemingly broken Earth there are still bits of the fantastic. I think this little documentary, The Red Lion, does an absolutely splendid job of toeing the line between a romanticized past and a complicated present.

It tells the story of a set of different Red Lions (the most common name among English pubs). Some are jolly establishments reminiscent of the fantasy taverns we love so dearly. Others are more modern and, well, carpeted. All have patrons and proprietors with their own joys and difficulties. I hope you enjoy!

Content Warning: this film definitely deals with alcohol abuse.

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