The Brewpot: Drunken Dragon

The Brewpot is where we preview upcoming tavern games and more.

Hello! Unfortunately life caught up to me and I had to shelve this project for the time being, apart from a few livestreams. However a game recently plopped onto my screen that I felt worth discussing.

Drunken Dragon: Inns & Quests has been on my peripherals for a while now, but what it actually…is? Has never been clear to me. So I was surprised to see that the alpha version of this…game? Is now available on for those of us who wish to check it out.

Drunken Dragon new exciting NFT game on Cardano, be an early adopter and  open your inn for travelers - YouTube

If it’s less than obvious from these screenshots, the pixel art is absolutely wonderful so you can see why Drunken Dragon caught my eye. Now, with the alpha released along with a few tutorial videos…I still don’t know what’s going on.

The alpha isn’t much. It allows you to design a diorama of your inn using these lovely isometric sprites. However, you acquire these sprites as NFTs (a free set is available to toy with in the alpha). How exactly is this done? Do I now actually own this little orc person? Is this just a new way of handling microtransactions? Is there actually a game here?

It seems the developer has been a bit cagey about this. That, or I’m just old and out of touch with the cryptobro scene. Or both.

Thankfully, a kind YouTube commenter (they do exist) gave me the elevator pitch most of us have heard, that NFTs in this context are basically like trading cards and you “own” them in the same way I “owned” my Magic cards when I was a kid. But what exactly this means for gameplay remains a mystery to me and one I shall have to look into a bit more. I presume the information is out there, even if it’s at the bottom of an hour-long investor pitch.

The tutorial videos have stated that game mechanics are, in fact, coming: there will be hospitality mechanics and quests and the like. But can a game like this deliver the actual fantasy inn experience, or is it just another mission into venture capitalism?

Having played the alpha for a bit, I did enjoy tooling around with my inn and savoring the game art. My patrons and employees don’t actually do anything, they can’t even sit, but they’re nice to look at. I’m extremely skeptical about Drunken Dragon. Crypto, blockchain, and their confluence in the world of gaming feels sketchy at best and dastardly at worst, like the profiteers are done circling and are now swooping in for our hobby of choice. But those are just the rantings of an oldhead lost in a brave new world. Besides, the art is so tasty that I’m afraid it will remain in my brewpot for some time until I can get a clearer idea of what this game is…and how much it’s going to cost me.

Until next time!

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